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Frequently Asked Questions about Belur - Halebid Tour Packages

1. How to book a tour to Belur and Halebid?

Firstly we suggest you to visit "Belur and Halebid Travel Packages" Page on the website, which include various tour packages to Belur and Halebid (Hoysala Architecture Temples). Then select one of the tour packages. If you intend to make any changes like having a day more or less then in that case you need to inform us so that we make your itinerary accordingly. You can use our online booking form or send us an e mail at:

2. If I do not want the tour as mentioned in the website how do I make my own tour?

If you don't want those tour packages which are mentioned in our website then in such a case you need to fill up the Enquiry Form mentioned on our website. In this form you have to specify the places you want to visit, date of arrival and departure, number of people who are traveling, the hotel category and any other special choice. After having these details from your end we will plan a tour for you and contact you in 1 or 2 working days with all the details.

3. How advance should be my travel booking?

Your travel bookings should be made 4 months well in advance, especially if you are traveling between December to June and October to March (peak tourist season). As Travel infrastructure in Hassan has its limitation in comparison to the peak season demand therefore we highly recommend booking your tour in advance.

4. How will I be picked up from the Airport or Railway Station in Karnataka?

You will be picked up from the airport or railway station in Bangalore by our representative. Our representative will be holding a name board with your name written on it at the arrival hall of the airport or railway station. If you are coming as a group then the name of the group will be mentioned on the name board. On that name board the arrival date, time, place and flight or train number will also be mentioned. You are requested not to leave the airport or railway station until you meet our representative. If by chance you were not able to find our representative then you would also be provided the mobile and telephone number of the representative so that you can find each other at the particular location at the airport.

5. If I only want to take the vehicle during my tour and not the complete tour, then what do you suggest?

If you want us to make arrangements only for the transport then we provide any type of vehicle you require for your travel. For this, we have a separate cab wing called KARNATAKACABS. With the vehicle you would be provided one experienced and reliable English speaking driver. The car would be at your disposal throughout the tour. The cost of the vehicle includes all the expenses, fuel, driver's fee, toll fee and parking.

6. What is the best time to visit Belur and Halebid?

The best time to visit Belur and Halebid is from October to May. Monsoon season is from June to September.

7. What should I wear while on my travel to Karnataka?

As a Westerner, feel free to wear anything, as long it is not very revealing like extremely tight jeans, low-cut blouses. It is extremely important for women to keep their legs covered as much as possible by wearing long skirts or pants. Shorts are never acceptable, except at beach resorts. Be sure to wear a hat. It is essential protection against the sun. Cotton outfits, hats, sun glasses and sun screen lotion should be carried while on your travel to Karnataka.

8. I want to know more about Karnataka Vacations? Why should I book the tour through Karnataka Vacations?

Karnataka Vacations is a well known tour operator and holiday planner in Karnataka. We not only organize tours in Karnataka, but also in other parts of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Karnataka Vacations not only organize the tours as they are printed in the itinerary but also work out any custom made itinerary in any area of the Indian subcontinent. Karnataka Vacations is associated with a team of Tour Escorts and Guides who are fluent in English having long experience and are highly qualified and have also spent many years abroad. To know more about Karnataka Vacations and its team please refer to About Us or email us at

9. What is the guarantee that I would be provided the services which I asked for during my tour? Or how safe is my tour with Karnataka Vacations?

Customer Satisfaction is our motto. Your satisfaction and Safety is 100% guaranteed. Karnataka Vacations provide you a guarantee that it would provide all the services as decided according to the mutual agreement between you and them.

10. Does your company provide any sort of insurance?

No, Karnataka Vacations does not provide any sort of medical insurance. It is advisable that you get the insurance from your country only.

11. How do we settle the payment? Is there an advance deposit required?

We need 50% of the total tour cost as an advance at the time of the confirmation of the travel package. This is to be sure that your booking is genuine and we can go ahead with the reservations of Hotel and other services. The rest of the due amount can be paid 15 days before your arrive to Karnataka. On special request you can also make the payment after your arrival. This can be agreed upon as per the type of tour and the amount we have to pay in advance to the hotels and our other associate offices for making the bookings.

12. How can I make the payment?

There are various payment options by which you can make payment to Karnataka Vacations. You can make payment by cash, bank transfer, Cheque, and Demand Draft. For more information, please visit Mode of Payments page.

13. What type of information is required in order to confirm the booking?

In order to confirm the booking with us we require some of the information like
Passport Number
Date of passport issue
Validity of passport
Passport issued at
Date of Birth
Your complete name as in the passport
Complete address
Your Nationality
Your Visa Number, if you already have the visa
Your telephone Number
Your mobile number if any
Your arrival Date, Airline number and time
Your departure date, Airline number and time

You can fill up all these information and send it to us so that we will confirm your hotel booking. At the time of check in at the hotel, you need to please handover a copy of such details at the hotel reception so that you do not have to fill up the information forms of the hotel and it also saves the time.

14. Are the Visa and passports required before visiting Karnataka?

All foreign nationals, including children, require a visa and passport before visiting Karnataka. For visiting Karnataka, please consult the concerned embassies in your area. For clarifications, please contact the Indian High Commission.

15. What are the different greetings used in Karnataka?

NamaskaraKarnataka is a land of diversity thus you will notice that different people use different greetings. Like, Hindus say "Namaskara or Namasthe", Muslims say, "Salaam al-eikum" (Sah-lahm ah-lay-kuhm) and the Sikhs say "Sat Sri Akal" (Saht shree ah-kahl).

16. What are the general do's and don'ts for greeting in Karnataka?

The general greeting is "Namasthe" (nah-mahs-tay) or "Namaskara". You can do this for "Good morning", "Good afternoon" or "Good evening". While saying Namasthe or Namaskara hold your palms together at chin level and nod (never bow) your head. In major cities, men usually shake hands, while women use the more traditional greeting. In general, you can shake hands with men and can say Namaste to women. Ji is used following a name as a sign of respect, e.g., Gandhi-ji. Note that a Hindu may greet a man by adding "sahib" ("sir" or "master") to the name (Mr. John-sahib) and woman by adding "ji"(Miss John-ji) as a sign of respect. Don't use first names unless you know someone very well. Use "Mr.", "Mrs.," or "Miss". Use titles such as "Professor" and "Doctor," and use "Sir" or "Madam" with superior/elders. Only people of the same sex can hug one another.

17. What is the general meal plan in Karnataka? What kind of food is served in the restaurants in Karnataka?

The general meal plan in Karnataka consists of three main meals in a day with one or two added tea-coffee breaks. The main meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner. All standard restaurants and hotels in Karnataka offer a variety of cuisines including Continental, Chinese, Indian and typical Karnataka. Though the meal pattern is same, the food served in the meals varies in different regions of Karnataka. Bisibele Bath, Chow Chow Bath, Idli, Masala Dosas (which took birth in Udupi, Karnataka), Plain Dosa, Rave Idli, Poori are the different dishes in Karnataka.

18. What is advisable to eat and drink in Karnataka?

We advice our guests to drink bottled water, bottled drinks. The water in the hotels can be used for cleaning the tooth and body, but avoid drinking this water. The mineral water is available in sealed a bottle which is purified and quite safe to drink. It is not advisable to drink water from slow moving streams, lakes or dams. Avoid eating spicy food. It is suggested to stick to only cooked foods and to eat fresh fruits after removing their skin. After taking the above precautions you will realize that Karnataka has a wonderful cuisine and rarely any other place meet such varieties.

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